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The best beach to visit in Goa, India!

Top 5 Best beaches You can visit in Goa

India is a great country for its unity over diversity with a great culture. The country is covered with the Great Himalayan in the Top and the Kanyakumari in South. The Arabian Sea in West and Bay of Bengal in the east side of the country. If you want to visit some best places in the month of January, I will suggest some best places that will give you the most entertaining, relaxing and adventure during the visit. Basically, the weather of January is cold. Before going on a visit in the month of January don’t forget to keep winter wears with you for the trip.

1. Goa Tour:

Goa is the best place to visit in the month of January. The places attract couples for a honeymoon. The place is covered with the Arabian Sea. Some beaches are famous for water sports.

Geographic Location of Goa:

Goa is situated in the Western coastal region of India. The region is known as Konkan. Konkan Railway is famous for its construction of Railway lines across hills and beaches all over the Konkan Region of India. Maharastra is at the North and Karnataka is to the east and South. The Arabian Sea is situated on the Western coast of Goa. It is India’s smallest State by area with a low population. Panaji is the State capital of the State. Vasco-da-Gama is the largest City of the State.

Most of the people are Christians in the community. Portuguese had first entered into the state on the 16th century and ruled over 450 years in the state. Goa is hot and humid most of the year. The best time to visit the place is from December to January. The state is divided into two districts i.e North Goa and South Goa. Goa is famous for beaches and Churches. Konkani, Marathi and English language is used mostly for communication.

How to reach Goa:

By Air:

It is very easy to reach Goa. There are several ways of communication to reach the destination. The nearest airport is Dabolim which is almost 29 km from the state capital Panjim. The international flights from the U.K. and Germany and domestic flights from all major cities are available for air travel.

By Train:

All cities are connected to Goa through Train. The Konkan Railway has done a fabulous construction of Railway work to connect Goa from other cities of India. The Vasco-da-Gama and Madgaon are the destination stations from all over India. The detail route chart of Trains is mentioned below for reference. The famous Dudhsagar Waterfall site scene is very wonderful while traveling on the train.

Train name (no.) passing via Vasco Da GamaArrivesDepartsMTWTFSS
Velankanni Express (07315)StartsJanuary 1, 1970NNNNYNN
Vlnk Vsg Express (07316)January 1, 1970EndsYNNYNNN
Nzm Pune Premiu (04014)January 1, 1970January 1, 1970NNNYNNN
Ypr Vsg Superfast Express (02683)January 1, 1970EndsNNNNNYN
Vsg Ypr Express (02684)StartsJanuary 1, 1970NNNNNNY
Vsg Vlnk Express (07323)StartsJanuary 1, 1970NNYNNNN
Vlnk Vsg Express (07324)January 1, 1970EndsNNNYNNN
Vsg Sbc Link Express (02779)StartsJanuary 1, 1970YYYYYYY
Ubl Vsg Link Express (06948)January 1, 1970EndsYYYYYYY
Goa Express (12779)StartsJanuary 1, 1970YYYYYYY
Mas Vasco Express (17311)January 1, 1970EndsNNNNYNN
Vsg Ypr Express (06578)StartsJanuary 1, 1970NYNNNNN
Vsg Vlnk Express (07325)StartsJanuary 1, 1970NNNNNNY
Vlnk Vsg Express (07326)January 1, 1970EndsYNNNNNN
Ypr Vasco Express (17309)January 1, 1970EndsNYNNNNY
Vlnk Vsg Express (17316)January 1, 1970EndsNYNNNNN
Vsg Howrah Express (18048)StartsJanuary 1, 1970NYNYYNY
Vsg Chennai Express (17312)StartsJanuary 1, 1970NNNYNNN
Ypr Biweekly Express (17310)StartsJanuary 1, 1970YNNNNYN
Velankanni Express (17315)StartsJanuary 1, 1970YNNNNNN
Amaravathi Express (18047)January 1, 1970EndsYYNYNYN
Vsg Patna Express (12741)StartsJanuary 1, 1970NNYNNNN
Pnbe Vsg Express (12742)January 1, 1970EndsNNNNNYN
Kcg Ypr Express (17603)January 1, 1970EndsYYYYYYY
Goa Express (12780)January 1, 1970January 1, 1970YYYYYYY


By Bus:

Bus routes are connected from top metro cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and from some other cities of India. Different types of Luxury buses are available at the tour operators. Volvo, Mercedes Buses are running on the route. It takes around 12 hours journey from Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The site scenery is very beautiful while traveling on the Bus. The usual bus travel starts in the evening and you can reach Goa in the morning.  The nearest bus top to center Goa is Mapusa.

Bus Partners:

1. From Mumbai to Goa

2. From Pune to Goa

Hotels to Stay in Goa:

There are several Hotels to stay at Goa. The famous beach is Calangute beach. It is the most beautiful beaches in Goa. The nearest Bus stop is Mapusa. You can hire an auto or taxi to reach the destination. The cost of hotels for 2 person range from 1000-3000 rupees within a one-kilometer radius of the beach. You can enjoy water sports, parachute riding, Dolphin viewing in the deep sea. It will cost extra. The breakfast is free in the hotel. You can take lunch outside. Goan Thali is available in all restaurants nearby the road. The Goan Thali starts from Rs. 100 and above. I will suggest you stay at Hotels nearer to Calangute Beach. After staying here in this place you must travel to other places of Goa to visit.

Trip Guide:

Day 1: Reach Calangute Beach in the morning. After reaching there book a hotel. Keep your luggage in the hotel and be fresh in the hotel and go for the Trip to Calangute Beach. Enjoy sunbath in the beach. You must ride the super water bike and parachute ride with your partner. It will give more pleasure. After that go for the see the Dolphin in the deep sea. All the packages for water sports on the beach will cost around Rs. 1000 per person. It will take time to enjoy the sports. At around 2.30 PM take your lunch and keep the rest in the hotel. In the evening time go for the local shopping and enjoy the night in the PUB.

The Beaches you can enjoy at Goa:

  1. Calangute Beach: The Calangute beach is famous for watersports, sunbath. It attracts most of the visitors, honeymoon couples to this beach. You can enjoy a sports bike ride in the sea water. Parachute riding gives wonderful feelings during riding on the Parachute. You can enjoy bath here. The overall experience in this beach is great. You can  go for shop to the nearest shop adjacent to the beach. So many verity of Handicraft items, t-shirts, house decorative items are available in the market. Some good restaurants are near to the sea. You can enjoy Goan food over there. Some good hotels are situated nearer to the beach. You can enjoy the sunset, seating at the beach. Some local people provide the seats to take rest at the beach, sitting on the chair.
  2. Candolim Beach: Candolim Beach is situated 15 kilometers from Panjim, State Capital of Goa. It is the longest beach in the State. The beach is very calm and silent and it attacts people for stay calm. Most of the people visit this place after Calangute Beach. From Calangute to Candolim, the road side is fully packed with Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping Malls.



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